Monday, 22 February 2010

2010 and all that

Another sporadic entry to my blog

2.5 months later, not much else has changed. I'm now officially no longer armchair football supporter now I've been to St James's Park to see the lads play. We both went in December to watch Newcastle beat Watford 2-0, then I was up there again this Saturday gone to see a 3-0 demolition of Preston North End, which had added flavour from the fact that I grew up in the town of their local rivals, Blackpool. We are off again in less than two weeks for the home leg against Barnsley. It's an addiction. Not to mention the fact that it is where I'm from, albeit from a long time ago. It's strange, but I do get a thrill seeing the river in Newcastle when I arrive, and it's great to hear people talking with a Geordie accent. It just makes me want to eat Greggs pies and Dickson's saveloys followed by bouts heavy drinking. You can't do anything about your genes

OK, I may be from the NE, but I'm totally pised off with this cold weather we've had for the last three months. The picture below is the view from my living room window yesterday, 21st February. I did kind of like power-walking home from work in the snow, which partly made up for not being able to go to the gym, but it's stopped being fun now. We'd better have a good summer to make up for this.

On the subject of summer, we have now got our big holiday booked for August. This time we are off to peninsular Malaysia and Cambodia. That will guarantee us some decent hot weather. This means starting the whole preparation, looking out for stuff to buy (I really facy a decent new camera, enough banal shite for now. Hopefully I can make entried more frequent and snappy. It's a busy few weeks coming up. Next weekend I'm over in Liverpool going round some of my old haunts with a couple of mates, so more heavy drinking and junk food. The week after is the Toon again, three weeks after that is the International Fitness Showcase at Blackpool for a full weekend of aerobics interspersed by what will probably be some moderate drinking. Maybe I should do an alcohol forecast. The Whether forecast (whether I'm going to be pissed or not). As Nietzsche said "if it doesn't kill you it only makes you stronger". That is unless you have an irritable bowel in which case if it doesn't kill you it will give you intermittent diarrhoea and constipation, especially if it's a doner kebab

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